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Our Products

IntroPak is part of a multi group of companies specializing as a converter of flexible linear low polyethylene and polypropylene materials into bags and roll stock products which are manufactured to customer specifications



  • Polyethylene (clear, colored, laminated)
    • Low linear density (principally used for food packaging, provides excellent resistance to perforations)
  • Polypropylene (clear, metallized)
    • Ideal for micro-perforated packaging, provides excellent visibility for displaying food product


  • Wicketed or bulk
  • Opening on top or on bottom
  • Bottom or side gusset
  • Side welded or bottom sealed
  • Ziplock closure
  • Bio-plastic bags (compostable)

ISO22000 : 2005

Throughout the entire production process, IntroPak is committed to providing superior safe products, especially when food safety is a major concern. To achieve this, IntroPak has ISO22000:2005 certification and has implemented this control system to ensure every product we manufacture adheres to the strict food packaging guidelines required.

Customized Packaging

Packaging is made according to your specifications. All you need to do is to advise your wrapping requirements and our experienced staff, who with an average of more than 20 years experience, will be pleased to assist you.

Packaging and your Image

Packaging not only wraps your product; it's also a way to promote your product and your company's trademark.